Indie Making

What I learned while building a desktop app to document my journey in a timelapse video

After launching the beta version of Habitscript and getting great feedback about the idea and I’m still working on launching the v1 soon this month.

Lessons learned as an Indie Maker in 2019

2019, it was my best year ever because I learned how to code and I can build anything I want with code and I make my first dollar from the thing I built with my coding skills

What I learned from 100 Days Of Code

This week, I finish the 100 Days Of Code Challenge and I want to share lessons I learned from it, challenges did I face while taking the challenge, why I did it and why you should do it too

How I built the product hunt launch video gallery using Gatsby JS, Google Sheets, and Product Hunt API

In this tutorial, I'll be sharing how I built the Product Hunt launch video gallery which use Product Hunt API, store the data in Google Sheets and display it using Gatsby JS. You can check out the website from this link

What I learned after building my first product in 15 days as Self Taught Developer

Two weeks ago, I started my journey as an indie maker and #12SideProjectsIn3Months challenge which I’ll build 12 projects in public I was inspired by #12StartupsIn12Months challenge created by @pieter levels also by AndreyAzimov. Today, I launch my first product HabitScript.

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