Side Project - Makerlapse

Document your journey in a time-lapse video



I watched a video from Devon Crawford about automating his process of video editing using FFmpeg and, I already watch a lot of speed coding videos, also a video about the journey of Pieter Levels while building Hoodmaps and a video about the journey of Guilherme Rizzo while building CSS Scan and I got excited about documenting my journey in a timelapse video


Indie hackers members recommend using what I already did when I built Habitscript and it will save a lot of time. You need to use tools and programming language you already knew and familiar it.

I already have some experience in Node js, so I decided to use an electron in which I can build a cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux desktop app with the same code) desktop app.

After about 5 days I built makerlapse and it’s run correctly as I want to be.

But, I iterate it over time to improve it in terms of video quality and user experience


I want to publish Makerlapse to Mac OS Catalina. I got rejected many times but I'm still trying to get an Apple Developer Membership because I love building mac apps and it's a good market to invest in


I launched MakerLapse so many times. the first time, it's was a paid app and then I decided to make it open source because I want to get into the open-source industry and how it's working behind the scenes


I launched the latest version on Product Hunt and I got 220+ upvotes and great feedback, 120+ Github starts, and +1k views on the launch video

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