What benefits of being a Shopify partner and make money using it?

by Ilias Haddad

On the 15th of the #4WeeksOfShopifyDev challenge, I’ll be talking about what benefits of being a Shopify partner?

What a Shopify Partner?

The Shopify Partner Program is a diverse group of designers, developers, marketers, and affiliates who use the Shopify platform to build eCommerce websites, themes, and apps.

What benefits of becoming a Shopify Partner?

When you’ve become a Shopify Partner, you’ll have many benefits like:

  • Make recurring revenue of each Shopify you create and transfer to a new Shopify client (for example, you create a new Shopify store using Shopify partner dashboard, transfer it to a client and the client choose basic Shopify plan 29$. you’ll get 5,80$ each month while the client has a active store )
  • Create unlimited Shopify store, you can create an unlimited Shopify store to test Shopify apps or themes and test new beta features like new section everywhere theme architecture
  • Shopify partner academy, you can have access to the online course provided for free by Shopify to learn so many Shopify related things like Shopify app or theme development. Also, you can get certification for completing courses
  • Developing Shopify apps. You can also create apps and earn 80 percent of the total revenue from their sale price (one-time).

You can signup for a Shopify partner account, using this link

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