Malaysia: My second digital nomad trip 2024

by Ilias Haddad

Hello again,

It’s been quite some time since I wrote an article on my personal website. Yay, we have a new blog post about my digital nomad journey.

After a couple of feedbacks, I received about my first digital nomad blog post and how helpful it was for some people. I decided to write another one about my experience for my second digital nomad trip which was in Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur

This article covers my first impressions, experiences, and the cost of living in Malaysia.

First day in Kuala Lumpur: Airport and first impression

As a Moroccan, I don’t need a visa to enter Malaysia for up to 90 days but I have to fill arrival card with information about how long you staying and where you’re staying which I can fill out at the airport or you can fill it this link before you arrive in Malaysia.

After getting my passport stamped and getting my luggage, decided to spend some time at the airport because I arrived around 8:10 am and my check-in time for my stay was 3pm. The airport wasn’t something special, similar in design to Denpasar Airport but the Denpassar was modern.

I already have the Grab application installed on my phone, I decided to get a SIM card and I recommended this mobile phone operator (Maxis Hotlink) which gives you 100 GB of 5G internet which works in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

After about 1 and a half ride from the Airport to my hotel, I have to wait a couple of hours before my room get ready for check-in.

PS: one thing that surprised me was the accommodation was much cheaper than in Bali (Canggu), you can get a decent stay with gym and swimming included for 29$ per night.

First week in Kuala Lumpur: Taking a week off and exploring the city

I decided to take a week off from work to explore the city and set myself here in Kuala Lumpur to have a productive digital nomad trip.

The first thing I noticed was they have many malls with all the luxury brands and you can easily a day just exploring a mall.

The second thing was electronics shop was everywhere. coming from Morocco, we have an electronics shop but as much diversity here in Kuala Lumpur.

After almost 2 days in Kuala Lumpur, I got the Flu which I think was because of the Air conditioner. For example, it’ll be 35 Celsius outside and 16 Celsius or less indoors so my body wasn’t ready for this switch.

After that, it does get even worse with getting a sinus infection because of the Flu.

Even with that I took some medicine and kept exploring the city. On my first weekend, I decided to take a tour guide to Malaca a city near Kuala Lumpur I spent the full day there. It was good and finally tried the Malaysian food which was good but not as good as the Moroccan food for sure.

Second week in Kuala Lumpur: Going back to work and getting sick

After taking my first week off, I have to go back to work again. Spend my second in Kuala Lumpur and still being sick.

Then, I decided to go to Butterworth, Penang by train which I recommend to book earlier like a week earlier even sometimes.

After taking many medicines to reduce my sinus infection pain and not leaving my stay in Penang because of the pain. I decided to go back to Kuala Lumpur to go to a Hospital and see a doctor.

After seeing a doctor and making a scan, the doctor gives me medicine to reduce pain. Thank god, it wasn’t something really serious but it was painful and I had to do a control a week after.

I decided to spend the rest of the week and another week in Kuala Lumpur.

Third week in Kuala Lumpur: Visiting Singapore and last week in Malaysia

After spending my second in Kuala Lumpur and getting my Singaporean visa in Kuala Lumpur, I decided to visit this nearby country.

I woke around 4am and went to the airport because I had a flight at 6:30 am to Singapore and it was a 1-hour flight. You have to fill health arrival card at the airport or before your flights + visa for sure

The first thing that blew my mind was the airport design and how spacious the place was even if it’s a small country.

The first thing that I did was get the tourist metro card which was really worth it. It was 20$ for 24-hour unlimited rides, if you return it before 8pm I think, you’ll get 10$ back in cash.

I did go to Marina Bay Garden, which was really worth visiting. Just be aware some places may be closed because of the rain.

Then, spending some time in Chinatown. exploring the market and the street food but I didn’t try it any as I wasn’t sure if it was halal or not.

After that, I head back to the downtown. visiting the Apple store and getting lunch at the city center mall

Around 4pm, I headed back to the airport because I was drained. I decided to the airport lounge that I have free access to because of my visa card benefits.

Unfortunately, I got food poisoning there but I wasn’t sure from which place I got it.

After spending a full day in Singapore, it’s time to head back to Kuala Lumpur again.

Then, I had to do control the second day, and the doctor recommended me again to go back to Morocco because of a sinus infection getting worse. I canceled all travel plans and headed back to Morocco


This experience was special because it was my first time getting into a hospital in a foreign country. but here’s my trip summary:

  • Accommodation was pretty cheap: 29$ - 50$ per night for a pretty decent stay
  • Food was good: 10$-40$ per day
  • Haircut: 17$-35$
  • Transportation: Grab (I don’t recommend using taxis), Metro system was pretty good and cheap
  • Safe place
  • Not the friendliest people compared to Bali

  • Digital Nomad
  • Remote Work

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