How to build a Shopify app using CLI - Introduction

by Ilias Haddad

In the ninth article of #4weeksOfShopifydev challenge, I'll be talking about how to create a Shopify app using Shopify app cli.

Why should you use Shopify App CLI?

  • Create a new Private or Public app in a couple of seconds
  • Update redirect URL and App URL automatically with ngrok server URL
  • Have a ready to test a Shopify app with a free remote server (Ngrok)
  • You have two starting apps, one built with Node js and the other one with Ruby on rails

Install Shopify App CLI and create your first Shopify app

shopify create
  • Start and install your app on a Shopify development store
shopify serve
shopify open

I recommend starting with this tutorial if you're already familiar with Node, React JS and GraphQl

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